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    By Alex Jover

    Vue community partner

    Learn Vue dose by dose

    You're a web developer that must keep up to date with the JavaScript ecosystem in order to be well-positioned professionally.

    You know how time-consuming it is ⏱.

    Sometimes you learn some trick that suddenly boosts your productivity.

    Then you think... "I wish I knew this before"

    VueDose intent is to help you overcome that by giving you weekly doses of knowledge that are concise and practical.

    In fact, VueDose tips are highly inspired by tweets like these that helped many devs:

    Meet Alex Jover

    Alex Jover

    Alex Jover is a Vue Community Partner and Google Developer Expert with experience building web applications, training devs and consulting companies to help deliver mantainable and performant products.

    Alex is the author of the book Testing Vue.js components with Jest, as well as video courses and articles on Egghead.io and Alligator.io.

    Addicted to Web Performance and Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

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