Lazy load images using v-lazy-image Vue.js component

Some time ago I wanted to apply lazy loading in images in order to load them only when they enter the viewport.

Researching I found different ways to do it, but they were a bit more cumbersome than what I wanted.

I wanted something as simple as having the same <img> tag that gets lazy loaded.

That's why I created v-lazy-image, a Vue.js component that extends the <img> tag API and applies lazy loading.

To use it, once you install it by running npm install v-lazy-image, you can add it globally to your project:

// main.js
import Vue from "vue";
import { VLazyImagePlugin } from "v-lazy-image";


And then is as simple to use as using an <img>:

  <v-lazy-image src="" />

You can even use the progressive image loading technique by setting a src-placeholder property with a tiny image (usually a small version of the image), even by applying your own transition effects using CSS:


<style scoped>
  .v-lazy-image {
    filter: blur(10px);
    transition: filter 0.7s;
  .v-lazy-image-loaded {
    filter: blur(0);

You can checkout this demo made by @aarongarciah where you can see it in action with many different CSS effects!

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