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Create Dynamic Titles and Favicons with Nuxt

Thinking on showing a timer on the browser tab? Or different favicons depending on a state? Learn to use vue-meta in your Vue.js apps in this tutorial

Javier Martínez

Javier Martínez

Jun 18, 2020

Auto Load Vuejs Components in Nuxt

Tired of writing imports all over your code? Read this tutorial to learn how to use Nuxt components module to automatically import your components

Debbie O'Brien

Debbie O'Brien

Jun 17, 2020

Simple transition effect between pages and layouts in Nuxt.js

In Nuxt.js, the Vue.js framework, it's very easy to apply transitions between pages and layouts on route changes. This tutorial explains how to.

Samuel Snopko

Samuel Snopko

Apr 17, 2019

Handle and redirect 404 responses in Nuxt.js

Learn how to redirect a user to the home page in case it navigates to a page that doesn't exists

Alex Jover Morales

Alex Jover Morales

Apr 7, 2019

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